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 The enduring appeal of 'clean living under difficult circumstances' continues to be an inspiration for adolescents all over the world and the young mods of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are just part of a worldwide movement which, having spread from it's core in the UK to Europe and the US, now has roots in cities as far apart as Mexico and Moscow.


This is the new generation of mod, let's Dig The New Breed

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  • Great article, great news, I had no idea all that was goin on. It's great to hear about it all.

  • Spent some time over there a few years ago when i was mistaken by the locals for being Austrarlian,they used to say goodaymate(all one word)when i informed them i was Scottish ,a puzzled look adorned their face.Then came the question Glasgow Rangers? Glasgow Celtic ?they sure love their football in Indonesia,had the chance of buying a classic Vespa over there,but the shipping and import duties put me right off.Like the article there is a hotch potch of cultures regarding the scooter scene over there.Seeing it first hand though,when whole families travel on a scooter at once mum n dad and kids ,it takes on a different meaning altogher,we are all united by one thing .THE SCOOTER.Thanks for the article :-)

  • Any younger Mods has to be encouraged, to keep the scene moving forward worldwide. I love to see younger Mods and their take on things. Great stuff !
    • ive sayed this before but this is the diference between the revivel and now, it is truely an international love affair with all things mod. and hay im an international man of mystery, pleased to meet you miss ivana humpalot. shaken not blured.
    • ps looking forward at some point to going to one of the asian doos!
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