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  • These boots would survive anything, if DM's could talk imagine the chaos that they could share...

    They seem to to be a staple footwear choice with both the older and younger generation in Brighton, so much better then these plastic looking trainers you see on kids feet these days! 

  • DrMartensMadeinEnglandBoots.pngI really like my DM's. Just make sure that you get the ones that are made in England.

  • untitled17.pngI forgot to mention I have 2 Pairs of Loakes Loafers with DM Soles. I recently bought a Crombie as a smart formal coat. Yeh skinheads most known for them, I remember The Jam wearing Crombies on Snap LP cover, Rick is wearing cherry red boxing boots on there.

    • Funny enough Steve, I also bought a Crombie recently and posted it on the "What I Bought Today" thread. It isn't the classic "skinhead style", but more of a Raglan sleeve style with boot cuffs; but it's the genuine article, Crombie cloth (cashmere and wool). Vintage 1970's , but really well taken care of.......I love it!

    • The Dickens Inn, St Katherine Docks. Love it!!!
  • I wear a crombie, not skinhead more suedehead and probably worn up north by 70s mod scooterboys. I prefer monkey boots but if you are riding your scooter you need protection but the 8 hole are probably the best, you don't need them up to your knees. I remember reading about Steve Ellis in his early mod days wearing cherry Red boots.
    • Was that Steve Ellis from Love Affair Carl? And yes, I wear DM's on my scooter sometimes, depending on the weather....also Cherry Reds. I did have Monkey Boots in about 1967, before that, Chukka Boots were popular in the winter; and of course we all know about Dessies. 

    • That's right Graham, Steve Ellis of the Love Affair fame. Don't tell me you knew him.
    • Local lads, Carl and they used to park thier Volkswagon bus (seriously) in our car park...Steve went on to a solo career in the early 70's with his album "Riding on the Crest of a Slump" if my memory serves.

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