• Hi Mark, for me it is/was a Working Class thing wearing DM Boots. I have always had them since Age16. Wore them for Manual Work, Black Steel Toe Cap and worn the Shoes aswell. I currently own the Cherry Red style Boots not for work, winter footwear, myself and another London Mod I know in Cornwall  he has Black ones, we wore them on our scooters in winter with Levis and Parkas. I wouldn't say they are Mod, not a really smart footwear, but yeh I think they look ok for out and about in winter. 

  • I wear DM Brogues with my suit to work and a pair of Cherry Red DM Brogues casually if I am going out for the day doing a lot of shopping or site seeing for the comfort.

    As long as you look smart I don't see that there are  any parameters to what a mod wears ... just look good

    • Yes Bob, I just replied to Carls' post and then noticed you mention the DM brogues.... I also have a pair, but wear them only occasionally in the autumn or on mild winter days.

  • Antiqued up, 501's, Sta-Prest or Prince Of Wales strides, no problem. Do, did or didn't, with all due respect Mark it's 2017! Mod's as broad as it is wide these days ;0) 

  • If it feels good- DO IT!
  • No not Just for Skins. They are worn by Scooter Boys too!
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