Does anyone remember the Star Club in Carlton Place?I know Alex Frackleton should remember it! as its were he started his "Showbiz" career, oh and by the way Alex im still wiating for my early Management fees??I had many a good night in there. it was were we held the Globetrotter SC meetings.

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  • We did have a few good night in the Star Club. But I always feel, looking back, that it was like a last hurrah. By the start of 1984 just about everyone we knew from the Scene Club days had moved away entirely from the scooter thing. We still used the Star Club as a drinking establishment well into 1985, but we were no longer going to any of the scooter club dances that were held there.
    • I couldn't agree more with you, Chris. It was most deffo the last Hurrah...

      I obviously have different memories about the place - it's long gone now - but those memories have nothing to do with my mod memories.
    • i think i know what yer on about :-)

    • Glad someone does Paolo. Weird seeing this post being resurrected after about five years. So when are you and Mikey putting up the details for the GMW ?

  • Yeah I remeber the lesbo night! there`s nothing more frieghtning than an angry butch dyke? I dont remember much though as the years of alchohol abuse have dulled my memory?
    • C'mon John
      Heard you went back for next dance
    • I never went to that Club. Sounds like an exciting night with the ladies though. ha ha.
  • Early management fees? Didn't I buy ye some pints?

    Though it is true that I cut my comedy teeth there.

    And had you not been there, the very first time, John, I wouldn't have gone back.

    I blame you. lol!

    We went down there one Thursday night to ask if I could have an open mike spot. We were sitting in the bar & John forced me to go into club and ask. But the guy who normally ran the club was on his holidays, so I tried to use that as an excuse for not doing it. But John was having none of that. We'd came all the way down there etc etc. So I went back in & asked, and they said yes. I spent the next forty minutes shiting myself waiting. I would definitely have done a runner if JD hadnt been there.

    Anyway the rest is history.

    Chris was able to recount the story concerning the night the Globetrotters dance was double-booked with the lesbian night. do you remember this night, John? Cos you were deffo there. I have witnesses. lol!
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