Female garage bands of the 60s

A while ago I was researching garage bands of the 60s and I've seen that the female bands out numbered the male bands. Especially over in Europe. the northern areas like Denmark, Sweeden and Finland had a lot. One I took a liking to was a band called the Butterflies from Roskilde Denmark. I found a site the site is in Dansk, so if you don't know Dansk, you can copy and paste onto Google translator. I got tired of it so I took a Dansk course online and I know enough now to get by.

I also saw on some comp CDs Girls in the Garage and there's a ton of good songs on them. A lot of these ladies didn't make it into the mainstream and imagine if they did. The closest was The Pleasure Seekers, featuring Miss Suzy Quatro. They got to tour with the Who, Amboy Dukes and Herman's Hermits. its sad because a lot of the record industry was male dominated and they never gave these ladies a real chance. Plus some of them had parents who wouldn't sign the release papers. back then, especially in America, Ladies were expected to get married after graduating high school, have babies and settle down and a lot of parents and boyfriends didn't want their girl playing rock and roll , touring the world.

here's a link to Girls in The garage V.A. If it don't pop up the look it up. I figure Id share this with everyone and get some conversation going

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  • I just "discovered" the Delmonas recently. An 1980s band from the UK.

    • Great band, yes.Essentially they were backed by Thee Headcoats/ Milkshakes.
  • What has happend to female guitar bands, there were loads in the 90's, they seem to have been replaced by Adele wannabes.

    • Beats me. It seems the music scene is goin to hell anymore. I used to go see the Donnas when they came out my way. Id like to see more good bands form period. Especially Female bands.

  • My faves are:

    1. The Beas- International Girl

    2. Debutantes- Love is strange (They Kinda have a Bodysnatchers vibe before 2tone)

    3. the Honeybeats- Fa come vuoi

    4. Goldie and the GBs- Cant you hear my heartbeat

    5. Butterflies- Vores Skore Sommerhus and Kom igen til Mig

    6. Pleasure seekers- what a way to die

    There's also 3 volumes of "Girls with Guitars" comps too. I looked up a Pleasure Seekers Cd and Lp, and they are worth a pretty penny.

  • I have an original record on Red Bird by a band called The Butterflies. The song 'I Wonder' was also done by The Ronettes but I think The Butterflies version is better and if anything sounds even more Spectorish. As far as I know they were a US group so maybe there were two groups with the same name.
    • Ok, I looked that up. There were 2-3 Butterflies. the one you have was a group based outta New York. Cool. I heard it and it sounds great.

    • Yeah it is a really good song mate.
  • Haven't bought the entire catalogue of Girls in the Garage - some 12 volumes, I think - but I've listened to them on Youtube! The Pleasure Seekers are great!

    • There's 3 volumes of "Girls With Guitars" they're really good. I seen them on

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