• hello i was good pals wiyh bobby black .gloky tam armstrong,cal, and alot of the boys from the north and south of the city just found out about the web site al keep looking in .the first pub wee got in too was the mars bar 78/79 can any won remember
    • Hi Tam
      I must know you.
    • you do norrie .you stayed at the hole in the wall,wee all got the late night bus home to castlemilk, after the rooster most weeks .me glocky jason sloss etc
    • Can't picture you Tam. It would be great if you could make the Saturday night for the Mod Weekender.
      Where are you staying now? I'm down in Croftfoot.
    • Hi Tam. A lot of the guys you have mentioned are back on the scene again. Tam Armstrong has got himself a scooter as has Bobby Black and Glocky. Cal stays out in Seville but still pops over now and again. I knew all of the guys very well too, although I was too young to be into it in 1979. I came from Sighthill and went around with Chaz Anderson, Jim McInch, the Patons, Eddie Cunningham, John McGowan, Alex Frackleton, Eddie Donnelly and loads of others from the north of the city. You should get yourself down to Friday Street in a few weeks time as Tam is usually down there. A lot ofthe guys from the East End such as Algie, Andy Doyle, Billy, and Rab McTear are also going around too.
  • Just one thing, while you lot are out there looking for all the boys, how about looking for the girls. There's quite a few people I'd love to see again and half of them are women.

    Where are all the girls? That's what I want to know.
    • April a few girls have been on some of the threads, saying they know you from back when. mind get intouch with Bob B!!
    • when? Did I miss them? God I hate trawling through all the threads on this site,. especially since I missed so much. Me and Angie were just talking and we want some of the old girls back on the scene too. I will get in touch with Mr Black, I heard he had been on and that's why I signed in. Hopefully see you lot tomorrow night, I shall be there even if ma heids hingin oaf
    • I don't remember many names from back then on the female side April. But, I'm sure quite a few of guys do.
  • Well done to you Mr Ace Face detective Murdoch Mysteries. I will be more than happy to stand you a pint or a glass of the water of life if the bold Bobby Black makes it along due to your detective skills.

    If you went to a Mod party in Provanhall it must have been well after my time as a Mod Lainy. My cousin was the only Mod in the village there between the end of 1980 and early 1982. When I used to drive my scooter in I was always being harassed by these red neck rockabillys. Not that it bothered me too much. We (Mods) looked as cool as feck wheras they looked like arseholes.

    And it is nice to see you on the site Mr Murphy; not before time I may add. I am sure we will see you in Friday Street next week.
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