Finding clothes: The struggle is real.

Hello ladies, and gents. So long story short, my trouble is that I live in the USA and finding clothing here that goes with the mod style is rather difficult.  I truly try to avoid fast fashion, and go for clothing that's vintage and will last, or try to stick to brands I know and trust.  Of course it's easy to just walk into a nordstroms, dillards, macys, etc and buy every original penguin or ben sherman shirt in the store... but I'd rather avoid that.  I find myself wearing the same 10-12 pieces of clothing over and over again.  Which to be honest, I'm fine with because I'm a very minimal guy, but at the same time, there's gotta be more choices and options out there.  Typically I'm just walking around in cardigans, shirts, denim jacket, trousers, and loafers or boots.  I think I look decent enough, but as I said America just doesn't have many options.  Good news is that I am going to France this summer for 2 weeks and I plan on making a trip or two to shop and see what happens.  Any help would be appreciated.  Advice please? Thanks friends.  Take care!

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  • Thought this would be as good as any place to ask a few questions. Ordering some custom shirts.

    1. Placket?

    2. Pocket?

    3. Yoke? Split or one piece

    thoughts on the vintage club collar?


    • Placket? Doesn't really matter as if you're wearing a tie - you will be wearing a tie, right? - it won't be seen. 
      Pocket? Absolutely not. Pockets on dress shirts are a deal breaker for me. Unless you're a smoker and keep your fags in there like Don Draper it's a pointless addition. 
      Split yoke? There's some thought that a split yoke is a sign of quality in a shirt as it requires extra steps in the construction but beyond that it's a bit pointless. I suppose a bespoke shirt could use  a split yoke to account for anatomical asymmetry across the shoulders but I've never seen this in the wild, particularly with OTR or MTM. 
      Club collars? Personal preference but I don't like 'em!

      FWIW I had a rubbish experience with Proper Cloth. I actually got measured in person in their New York place, ordered a popover with hidden button down collar. The first version that arrived was absolutely pitiful. They let me keep it and sent another one with adjustments but it still wasn't very good. I ended up with a much better quality and better fitting version from Lean Garments for about $25 IIRC, but they unfortunately went out of business. I wrote up my experience with Proper Cloth here:

      I also tried Modern Tailor for some MTM shirts. Their 'try on' shirt (standard white or blue poplin) is only $25. I got one and the sleeves were irritatingly short. Ordered a gingham from them with all necessary sizing adjustments requested and it came back with too short sleeves too. Complained and they said they'd give me a free shirt. I ordered a really cool sorta tonic royal blue/purple (I think it was called 'Magic Blue') with French cuffs which fits well except this time they hedged their bets and the sleeves were so long the turned back edges would protrude from my jacket sleeves so I had to pay my local fella to shorten them. 

      I've since given up on any custom shirt adventures, as -

      1. I have way more than enough shirts in a wide variety 

      2. I'm not so hard to fit off the rack anyway, and 

      3. The vast majority of the time I'm wearing a jacket so all I need beyond the choice of colour and fabric are a decent collar and cuffs the right length - that's all anyone will really see and I never take off my jacket when I'm out the house. I also try to get slim fitting shirts as I hate the look / feel of extras cloth billowing above the belt. 

      Hope some of that was useful - good luck!

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    • Cheers! Thank you for all of the information.

  • Where are you Specs?

    I’m English but been living in America since 1990 - 23 years in Houston and the last five plus in Tampa. Take a look at my blog - just about everything you see there was bought in America. I get some stuff off eBay - check out that red linen three button Boglioli blazer - and my other go to places for jackets and suits is either J Crew (never retail, NWT off eBay again) or Suitsupply. I have a decent tailor who can convert ubiquitous two button jackets to threes with usual success. If you aren’t near a SS shop they have free shipping both ways from their website. Also take a look at for MTM suits. Other stuff - Fred Perry and Lacoste polos, Uniqlo socks, Gazelles and Stan Smiths, Levi’s, Clark’s dessies - all easy enough to come by and the hunt is half the fun. Good luck!

  • Why not stray a little left of field and approach Mod Father Clothing (other mod outlets/companies are also available :-) ) to become an agent and run a mail order store covering the USA? There's clearly a shortage and clearly a market...then you get to take your pick!!

    • lol I'm a fulltime psychologist. I don't have time for that.

    • Ah well, only a suggestion.

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