First scooter for a 17 year old

Hey guys i just joined this forum so i could ask some advice about scooters. Im currently 17 and dont have much to spend. Im planning on selling my car i was given on my 17th birthday and also my custom pc i built and also saving for a little while as that would only give me 1000-1500. The only type of scooter im looking to buy is a classic vespa px125 (ever since my dad showed me quadrophenia i fell in love with that style all round) or a scooter that looks like one. Which brings me to my next point. Iv seen scooters branded neco that have a range of scooters that look like the classic vespas and im considering getting one. Iv read quite a few reviews on them and seen a few peoples opinions and it seems theyre only for young people around my age wanting to get started with classic (looking) scooters. Im really wanting to get a neco scooter and my dad is going to take me up to one of their dealerships which is only about 40 minutes away from my location. I just want to know what people think of them? any negative or positive things about them i should know. And just to get it clear if i had the money without a doubt i would just buy a vespa but sadly i cant. But my plan is to use the neco for a little while and work on a side project of a vespa. Anyway thanks for reading and i appreciate any feedback etc.


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  • Have you seen the MODENA scooters rhey are about £1200 on the road and look like a 60s vespa with an automatic engine.
    • Good call, Carl, those Modenas are cute.... you might check them out, Matthew.

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    • what do you reckon is a good price for an LML Star 125cc automatic? In my local shop in Margate they're only from £1,999 and they're new. I thought that was a rather good price for a brand new bike.

    • That sounds like a reasonable price, Matthew. It's hard to compare, but my LML 150/4T (geared) would have been $4,000 new had the dealer not wanted to shift it out of the shop to make way for automatics. But he gave me a generous discount.

  • just thought i would reply as is been just over a year since posting this. It turned out i had alot less to spend so i temp got a scooter called a lexmoto tommy. But last week my dad took me down to a scooter shop in margate to go and have a look at some possible replacements and im really liking the lml star 125. Im tempted to get the automatic version as i'v been riding since i took my cbt on an automatic but when i comes to re-doing my cbt il probably end up taking it on a manual bike and see how i feel about it.

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    • Sadly its a mixed bag for me Hubert. From some angles it looks okay but from others it looks pretty naff, but that is just my opinion and we all have different tastes. I think you are on commission or something here you are pushing it so much ha ha

    • Have to agree with you about the Vespa autos Hubert.
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    • I agree, I have an LML, and although it's second best, it's a dependable and stylish machine if you can't find an affordable PX.

      One thing I have started to do is upgrade my LML piece by piece....cupprini bars, SIP tubeless rims etc; I have plans for an Aprilla exhaust and a Malossi conversion kit in the future, but a bit at a time. Meanwhile, it's under 2 years warranty. It's one suggestion, although I wouldn't be inclined  to rebadge it and pass it off as a PX as some day it will be a very sought after vintage machine in it's own right.....a genuine Curry-Burner! lol!~

  • Hi there, Matthew...

    Just like anything else regarding mod, you're choice of scooter is a philosophical matter that's going to mirror your personality. I'm not quite sure about your perception of mod, but style certainly seems to be an issue here. Good on you!

    But: the neco is a chinese, mass produced piece of sh*t, a feeble attempt to cash in on "retro" (read: bleak reflection of "authentic"), it's just an adapted version of the really ugly asian workhorses. Plastic galore, automatic, four-stroke- horrible things, really. Much the same can be said about the so called new Lambies...

    Now that the prices for classic (vintage) scooters have come to a reasonable level, why don't you try and get an affordable steel-bodied, manually geared two stroke, since you're planning to advance to a PX anyway? For starters, PX125's can be obtained within your price range. Secondly, there are other options, such as a Smallframe (50/90/100/125ccm), that can very easily be beefed up to keep you safe in traffic. There are a variety of options here, they don't cost much and offer some well tried out reliability.

    Also, take a look at the real Vespa clones, such as the LML or Bajaj, they are usually quite a bit cheaper than comparable Vespas and they can be made to look like the real deal with little effort. They already have the right handling, feel and SOUND.

    Mind you, if you buy an old Vespa, do stay away from gleamy VBB's etc., as they are often poor Asian restaurations with built in health hazards such as poorly welded front forks.

    I'd absolutely recommend you to get a structurally ok and mechanically sound bike, even if it is a bit scratched/banged up (just make sure the area behind the front fender is straight, etc., there are plenty of classic scooters buyers guides online.

    An honest old scooter will always have a huge advantage over the modern day junk: it's got authenticity and style (and quality!) oozing out of its pipe. And though a rough looking bike can be cool in its own way (even rough examples have that real italian style!), if you get tired of the look you can personalize it to your own specs whilst you clean it up.

    Best of luck,

  • Matt,

    If I was you I would go the modern Lammy look alike or a vespa twisty, at least until you have enough money and, as HD says, patients w for a vintage.

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