Fitness (we gotta look good)

Does anyone here work out ? Im just wondering, Ive been slamming weights for a few months now and am looking a bit better than i was. I think fitness is good for us, especially if we wanna look good in our cool outfits and such.

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  • Well, I have been on the 5:2 eating thing for about 6 weeks and I'm already trimmer. I've also been doing two dance classes (Lindy Hop) for two years. Both of these are keeping me fit and keeping my weight under control. I now feel good in my jackets and suits and that can only be a good thing.

    All the best!

    • what 's the 5;2 eating thing James?

      I guess if i went to dance class more religiously i'd lose a little more a little faster?

    • Hi Ben,

      Basically for 5 days per week you eat 2,500 calories and on two days you eat 600 calories. My 600 days are Tuesdays and Fridays because you don't do them consecutively. The weight comes off at a reasonable pace and your eating habits change too so I guess it becomes normal after a while. It's working pretty well for me.

      All the best!

    • It's eating normally for 5 days, then eating less than 5-600calories the other two days.

      If you eat enough during the 5 days you'll never feel hungry the other 2 Lol

    • oh I see!! cant see me doing that really I'll just be happy the way I am I guess,thanks anyway!!

      ps wrapped up in stormproof clothing all the time on the West Wales coast anyhow,no-one can see the reality underneath!!

    • Guys you have inspired me before this thread I thought gym was the guy down the street from me
      The only walking done was to get from house to car
      My yoga was strawberry flavour
      Press ups only done when wife didn't have headache
      Never heard of calories never mind counted them
      You have made me a new man
    • You're inspirational yourself George, keep it long as you can.

    • So go have a wee lie down Alan, it's one of the few pleasures we old guys have left Lol

    • They are my drugs of choice these days too.

  • dancing is the best exercise because it doesnt feel like exercise, much more like having a good time!!

    However you dont need a gym,if you can lie flat on your back palms down,arms outstretched lying flat!! raise yours legs from horizontal to vertical  as many times as you can.

    then flip over and do 10-20 press ups.and build up the count over time.

    Furthermore buy a copy of the Canadian Forces fitness workout book designed to be carried out pretty much anywhere! good luck and dont get a hernia trying,start easy at 1st and build up capacity slow and steady!

    This way you save gym fees and have more cash to spend on beer!!

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