Five 45s to get me into soul music

I listen to a lot of ska, blues, and jazz, and I've listened to some soul, but I just don't know where to start with it. I know what I like with the other genres (Two Tone, Delta Blues, and Cool Jazz), but I can't seem to get ahold of the subgenres of soul. Can someone help me? I'm new here.

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  • I would say a delve into the "What's On Your Turntable Right Now?" thread would cover most bases.

  • Don't forget the Randy Cozens Top 100 - or 99, rather. ;-)

    Welcome to the Forum, Anthony.
  • There's quite a few listed in the article on this site called Top 100 by John Leo Waters, not exclusive to soul but a healthy dosage.
    Top 100
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  • I agree with both Kai and Sara on this one Anthony. If you do a search for classic Motown, Atlantic, Chess, or Sue you will have a good basis to start off. Before you know it you will know a lot of great songs you may have heard in passing and can then move on to the more obscure 60s Soul and Proper R&B that are staples on the Mod scene.
  • Just out of interest is this simply a case of wanting some soul 45's or wanting to hear soul music?  Because if it's the latter why concentrate on old 45's for soul, plenty of newer soul music to listen to.

    • Wanting to hear soul music. I just put the 45's part there because I usually buy 45's. I'm just looking for a starting point for listening to soul.

  • Welcome, Anthony! You can't go wrong if you can get your hands on some compilations on KENT. Apart from that, like Sara said, the basics surely are on Stax and Motown.

  • Hi, just saw your post.  I would start with stuff from Stax, Motown, Chess, etc. (the big ones first). Then you can start with

    Northern Soul which is basically soul from later in the 60s-early 70s from rarer labels. For an example there's soul playlists 

    on Mixcloud, Soundcloud probably, things like that, or sometimes I think people post playlists/mixes here..............

    Glad you're here, welcome! I myself haven't posted in a while so I'm gonna check out some of the new threads.........


    • Check out the amazing b sides thread too :-)
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