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Happy New Year everyone

As I understand it it Mod culture is a predominantly working class movement and has a long association with certain clothing labels, arguably the most prominent being Fred Perry.

Looking at the 2017 price of FP a polo shirt it sets you back £75. How can a working class person afford to purchase these garments, in addition to eg Clarks Desert Boots at £100 a go?

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  • You can get Bargains on Ebay, as long as your not hung up about Pre Owned, Some New Bargains. I wouldn't Pay those Prices. Don't have to Buy Clarks Desert Boots you can get decent other Brand DBs. I have a Large Collection of FP Polos, bought lots over the Years, Never paid more than £50.feel sorry for people who wanna buy them NEW now. 

    • No doubt they have managed the brand very well ; still has the desired followers .
      quite a few brands haven't been so fortunate .
  • I don't own any now - my brother in law has quite a collection -I'm sure there are differences now in colours and quality based on country of manufacture -the made in England ones supposedly being the must haves ???
    I think the same thing is happening with DM boots .
  • My sons just got me a really nice knitted Fred for Christmas. As you said the price is not cheap at £75. Looking back I am sure they were always expensive items and the first I got in 1980 set me back £12.50 as far as I can remember. That seems nothing now but my weekly YOP wage was £21.50 (I think) and from that my mum got a tenner digs money so the FP then was a weeks money to me.
    • Good on you mate. Keeping yourself in great shape has paid dividends. The good thing about Fred Perry's is that they generally are well made. I have quite a few I have owned for more than a decade and they are still in great nick. The only time I remember the quality not being so hot was around the late 80s early 90s. I ordered one from a catalogue in 1990 and sent it back after only wearing once. After the first wash the neck was all out of shape. Thankfully that is the only time such a thing has happened to me.
  • So far, Harry and Gary are right.

    Now, don't get me started on how on difficult and expensive clothes are, as I spend small fortunes on what I've got... and I'm looking for work!! ;-) [Slim] female Mods (like me) have it more difficult as there's not much choice in [new] clobber - DNA Groove, Jump the Gun and Adam of London won't do womenswear - and have to be creative. We buy vintage, wear mens clobber (if it fits, as I own a few pairs of mens trousers and shirts), go to charity shops and markets or if we're really talented, make our own clothing. If I had such talent, my wardrobe would be more bigger than what it is! ;-)
    If you go to a "bricks and mortar" store that sells such items as opposed to buying online - old school, I know - you could get them on layaway if said store does it. You could also check out factory outlets, too.
    My Clarks desert boots didn't cost me £100 and I bought mine brand new off the Clarks Australia site I bought them via Afterpay. I live in Australia and can pay for my items that way, depending on what online store does it. The only country outside Australia that does Afterpay is the Netherlands.
    A few years back, Robert McAlister started a thread "Mod on the cheap", if you want to read more. I also took the time to post my tips on that thread.

    Hope our replies helps.
    • Quality, creativity and style, above all else in my book ;0)

  • Hello mate

    You have to look at this in context,Being a modernist has never been cheap. Working class original mods spent good money too. An example of that would be a bespoke suit, some even had shoes made. Mods including myself refuse to accept the ordinary clobber. The cost is an extra shift, the reward is you're a weekend king ;-]

    • Lol totally agree, our Kai loves his clothes ;-)
    • My Michael's in that queue all the time after he's bought scooter parts... They're not just in Germany, Alan. I'm sure they're in Yorkshire where you're from. ;-)
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