Fred Perry jacket for sale

Selling everything that isnt nailed down at the minute for reasons known to a few on here,including a white fred perry monkey jacket with navy trim at collar cuff and waist,size XL ,bought in Italy bout 5 year ago hardly worn,,never seen one like this in the uk,£40,a real one off.

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  • Sound pretty cool Paolo. Maybe I'll put on a couple of stone so I can fit into it ha ha.
    • Would fit you nice chrissy boy
    • Im not even an L never mind an XL Paolo. Well thats unless I have a full weekend on the beer ha ha.
    • Bullshit Chris you`ve got to be at least a large! I`m a large and i`m built like a racing snail.
    • Cmon Chris ur def bigger than Paolo, lol
    • Ahem,i hope you ve not seen photos of us naked lainy,naw chris dont believe u ,am mostly large or XL(though am deceptively big roon the shooders)
    • Onyhoo,jaicket noo sold,thanks.
    • Good on ye Paolo. But I do have the clobber with the M labels on them to back up my claim so, as they say (again) seeing is believing.
    • Na, the vast majority of my stuff is medium. The only exception to that are very slim made tops such as Peter Werths or woolen Fred Perry's. All my cotton Freds are medium as are my shirts. I have a lovely John Smedley in large that is far too big for me so any offers will be considered. But you know what they say, you can't fatten a thoroughbreed ha ha.
    • Chris, one of the melting pot boys were asking me about John Smedley shirts, can't remember who but it would be one of two, Stuart Leggate or Craig Wilson. I'm sure it was one of them. If they don't see this I'll try to get hold of them, I presume you have a camera (unless you lost it at the pub), I could definitely sell that for you.
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