Friday Street 9th Anniversary

Just got this through from Mikey by email. I have to tell you, last years was bloody brilliant. You get a free cd at the door lol, thing is, you couldn't buy half the stuff that's on these. The last one I got last year is still in my car and I play it a lot.So anyway, this is one I can actually get to. Be warned, if you go, get there before 11pm or you might not get in, they are good nights these anniversary ones. So here's the details.......Friday Street's 9th Anniversary takes place on 31st July in Blackfriars.A new 25 track CD will be given away free to everyone in attendance on the night.Full details will be sent next week along with other upcoming events.He sent details of more events but I'll give them a thread each to keep it tidy

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  • I suppose they maybe feel Scottish, but they sound as Scottish as jellied eels and mash, and everyone knows that a jellied eel does not have a Scottish accent ha ha.
  • No way Jose, the last time I went to the Gathering of the Clans I ended up in the SS nick ha ha. That mob on the telly are a joke. There is not one of them with even a semblence of a Scottish accent.
    • A shower a wee cowerin timerous beasties,as Mr Burns would say.
  • I would say that I am going over to trace my family roots Algie. But one half of my family come from good Jacobite stock and the other half hails from Dublin. I have no connection with Donegal whatsoever.
    • Did you go to the Clan gathering in Edinburgh with our esteemed leader Mr Ho Chi Salmond.
  • I mostly do April, but there is so much happening sometimes that I do miss the occasional one. I think I may have message dyslexia, whereby every other message does not register ha ha.
  • You better believe it Norrie. It's okay for you dudes, but I have an important cultural mission to Donegal ahead, but I also quite liked the look of the CD, so what is one to do. If you had volunteered your services things may have been different.
    • I think we will have to keep an eye on you and Andy ,all these cultural trips across the water,Hmmmm.
    • Chris, do you never check your messages on here hahaha
    • Chris, I won't be there either. Working until 8pm, then hope for some chill out time.
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