Gabicci blazers?

Hi all!

Stumbled upon two Gabicci blazers on eBay that looks pretty nice and seem to be going pretty cheap - one pink/white boating blazer and one that is sort of red/burgundish.

I do not own any Gabicci gear previously, but from what I've read I'm under the impression that their knitwear is pretty ok. Never seen anything on their blazers though.
From the pics I've seen of their suits and blazers the fit seems good enough, but I am a little concerned about the quality, especially since the descriptions say that the plain coloured one is wool/mohair/polyester (and the boating one a "linen blend" which to me sounds a little unclear as to if it is also a syntethic blend).

Does anyone here own one, and if so are they worth buying or am I just going to get what I pay for if I decide to hit "buy"?

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  • Ok, sounds like I should probably let them be then. Thanks guys!
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