Hi everyone - been a part-time admirer of the style for 10 years or so and just recently started to take a more serious interest. Problem is as you get bit older it’s definitely tougher to make new mates, especially those with similar interests so hoping can make a few on here!


Anyway blah blah has anyone seen this on Gabicci, gutting:

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  • You should maybe just do your own thing for a while Ben. Get into the clothes and the music and keep an eye out for club nights happening locally. You could persuade a couple of your friends to go along with you initially. If the scene in the south of England is anything similar to up here you will find that a lot of the people are friendly and inclusive.

    • I have certainly found so Kai, maybe not in the past but nowadays I would say so.

    • The scene here in Glasgow was pretty violent and due to that we lost two great Mod clubs in 1982. I was young and daft and sadly did not mind the violence when it was against skins, rockabillies, punks, or general neds. (Chavs)  It got out of control sadly and Mods were fighting each other over what part of the city they came from. Thankfully all of that nonsense is long since gone and all we are left with is the good parts. So you are spot on Kai, not everything in the past was better.

    • Not EVERYTHING...but pretty much everything :)

      Cheers for the good advice, problem is with 2 young kids my going out days are temporarily (=forvever) on hold! 

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