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Latest I'm hearing Gene, the 90's band, very much...and besides their declaration of Small Faces as a influence, and clearly the Smiths-esque me, they sound very much like a "better" Style Council (without that horrible 80's new wave sound). you guys think? And this style council thing, some recommendation of bands wich looks like Style Council without the 80's in it?

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  • Bluetones were great.

    • The Blue Tones, I always thought they were a bit wet to be honest Howard. The group I was in supported them quite a few times, every time we played with them we usually blew them off the stage.

    • Fair enough Bobby - I know they were not everyone's cup of tea. I agree with Alan - I liked Slight Return and most of the first album - I lost interest after that 

  • The Style Council?

    How about going straight to the source:

    • Just jumping in here blind but hey! Touché Bobby, a great riposte and brilliant tune. Jimmy James and Geno Washington had one of the biggest live fan support base in the 60's. They were unfortunate not to get the full recognition they deserved ;0) 

  • Fighting Fit was a good tune. They were never as good as the Bluetones though.
  • Have always been a massive fan of Gene, a big influence on me and my wife from when we met, Olympian is a fantastic album and never got the credit or airplay it totally deserved. One of the best bands live I have seen with Martin Rossiters presence on stage being totally brilliant, a total shame when they split up in 2004. They were so influential on me that we even had our little boy's middle name who is now 6 Gene!!

  • "....horrible 80's new wave sound"?! Where would the earlier revival bands and most other Mod-influenced material be without New Wave?? I thought Gene were OK, but preferred Mantaray, Elastica, Echobelly, Blur and The Weekenders.

  • a band who on their day put on live shows of immense emotional power. Farewell tour in early 2004 was particularly soulful. Lyrics tended to be about crime, left wing politics, & lost love. For someone who likes his music "up" & with a groove they are perhaps an oddity in my record collection; but they connect in a way that bedwetting bands like Coldplay never do. I'd be on the front row for any reunion show, bellowing the lyrics. "We Could be Kings" is the absolute pinnacle.

    & this probably should be a separate discussion but : I'm loving The Strypes' album. £8 on amazon!

  • Sorry but i never thought Gene ever sounded like The Style Council. 

    I was never a fan of Gene. They did one or two good tunes but i always thought they was a bad Smiths rip off. I saw then live once as support to The Charlatans at The Hacienda in Manchester. Everybody was there for a full on party and Gene do a song called "This One's For The Dead", boring is not the word. Thank god The Charlatans came on and took the roof off. Even the D.J.s where better then Gene. lol.  

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