Get The Jam to number 1

ITV are compiling 'THE NATIONS FAVOURITE NUMBER ONE SINGLE' as usual you can't vote for any number one, you have a short list to pick from. There are a few good choices on there, but can I urge everyone on this site to vote for Going Underground by The Jam?

 Come on lets get them to number one!!!

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  • Brilliant!

    Thanks to everyone who voted, but for all those who couldn't be arsed we are left with a top 10 that will include Kylie, Whitney, and Britney (guess the people who voted for them are also the people who named their kids after them!)

    • Who cares Neil. It's all pish. On a better note army brothers wedding he had the dj playing that's entertainment and town called malice.
  • Done it for u. Waste of 5 min of my life
    • Ahh come on is 5 mins too much to pay to keep the Spice Girls out of a 'music' chart.

    • This was done a few years ago. Queen got well more votes then anyone else.

      By the way...i carn't stand Queen. lol.

    • The top ten tunes i've picked are...


      1] Marvin Gaye - I Heard it through the grapevine.

      2] Ben E King - Stand by me.

      3] The Beatles - Hey Jude.

      4] John Lennon - Imagine.

      5] Rolling Stones - [I carn't get no] satisfaction.

      6] The Kinks - You really got me.

      7] The Jam - Going Underground.

      8] The Animals - The house of the rising sun.

      9] Righteous Brothers - You've lost that lovin' feelin'.

      10] David Bowie - Ashes to ashes.


      I was going to put The Jam at number 9 but decided to move them up at bit.


  • Town Called Malice is the best Jam no 1 IMHO, where's that?, bet bloody Take That or some s**t like that wins.

    • I would like it to be Marvin Gaye...but The Jam or The Stones will do. And where the hell is The Beatles??


      I bet ya's Queen will win.

    • Opps...i was wrong about The Beatles cos there is a couple of their songs there. I think i need an eye test.

  • Going Underground is not the best in that list imo. Having said that, the list is fooking awful as a whole.
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