Get The Jam to number 1

ITV are compiling 'THE NATIONS FAVOURITE NUMBER ONE SINGLE' as usual you can't vote for any number one, you have a short list to pick from. There are a few good choices on there, but can I urge everyone on this site to vote for Going Underground by The Jam?

 Come on lets get them to number one!!!

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  • Brilliant!

    Thanks to everyone who voted, but for all those who couldn't be arsed we are left with a top 10 that will include Kylie, Whitney, and Britney (guess the people who voted for them are also the people who named their kids after them!)

    • Who cares Neil. It's all pish. On a better note army brothers wedding he had the dj playing that's entertainment and town called malice.
  • Done it for u. Waste of 5 min of my life
    • Ahh come on is 5 mins too much to pay to keep the Spice Girls out of a 'music' chart.

    • This was done a few years ago. Queen got well more votes then anyone else.

      By the way...i carn't stand Queen. lol.

    • not strictly mod but not far off ....

      is the most evocative song of the decade it was made and one of the most easily recognised in just its opening few chords  is procul harems whiter shade of pale .

      i put that as one of my main choices

      it will alas no doubt be  beaten on the night by some robbie williams shyte voted for by people with no sense of taste or  longevity but who are  very  tech savvy and will have been doing overtime  texting and tweeting to get that f*ck*r into number one

    • The top ten tunes i've picked are...


      1] Marvin Gaye - I Heard it through the grapevine.

      2] Ben E King - Stand by me.

      3] The Beatles - Hey Jude.

      4] John Lennon - Imagine.

      5] Rolling Stones - [I carn't get no] satisfaction.

      6] The Kinks - You really got me.

      7] The Jam - Going Underground.

      8] The Animals - The house of the rising sun.

      9] Righteous Brothers - You've lost that lovin' feelin'.

      10] David Bowie - Ashes to ashes.


      I was going to put The Jam at number 9 but decided to move them up at bit.


  • Town Called Malice is the best Jam no 1 IMHO, where's that?, bet bloody Take That or some s**t like that wins.

    • I would like it to be Marvin Gaye...but The Jam or The Stones will do. And where the hell is The Beatles??


      I bet ya's Queen will win.

    • Opps...i was wrong about The Beatles cos there is a couple of their songs there. I think i need an eye test.

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