Hi everybody

I decided some time ago that I'll visit one of these two mod weekenders next year; time and money not sufficient for both, counting in at least two more german mod weekends and family holidays, of course. I admit right away that my mind is almost, say- 99%, made up for Glasgow, as my principle is "the smaller the better", ONLY where mod gatherings are concerned, I hasten to add, ha-ha-ha. Never the less I'd like to hear some more oppinions pro and con the one or the other. I imagine Glasgow more familiar and less commercial, while Brighton sometimes seems a bit of a mass event with lots of people halfheartedly donning parkas for a fun weekend by the sea. Then again others told me the nights at the Komedia or Volks would be absolutely worth the while...

Last not least how are chances to meet several of the MG members I've known for years and would be more than happy to meet in person at last...!? Time's running out for the ultimate decision, as we start planning next years holidays at work, accommodation has to be cared about, etc etc.

Awaiting your answers and oppinions


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  • Well what can I say, I just convinced Mrs A. to come with me to Glasgow next year. Btw, Booker T, did we meet this year at all? ;-)
    • Glad you had a good time, and luckily for you you left before the heatwave 33 degrees in the south....I know how you detest the heat :o).  

    • Well fairly hot here on Mallorca, Dave, but altering between Pool and sea, l can just about stand it! ;-) Back home I'll do the opposite of hibernate (what's this?) 'til late September!
    • Yes Kai,we did ;-) Imagine not recognising me,would have given you an autograph too.

      Met Alan and his good lady too.

      Was a great weekend,hearing big things may be happening for this space.

    • I guess you're John, then! ;-)
    • That's what I was about to ask you, Alan. Great to hear! Going with the wife though means I won't be allowed into a gay hotel, though! ;-))
    • Well better return with the wife than not at all, HAHAHA!
    • Great to hear that you and the missus are coming over for the weekender next summer Kai. I am slightly surprised you never recognised Booker T, he was the guy on the organ playing 'Green Onions' ha ha
    • I see, must have confused him with Steve Cropper from Motherwell obviously...
    • Easy mistake to make, although Cropper was playing the guitar.
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