• Well it is if you include Ricky and Baz ,lol!!!!!!!!!
  • hi mate when was this i was in the salford globtrotters 1974 we had patches made salford across the top globetrotters from middle to middle across the bottom and lambretta through the middle we all wore them on our coats
    • Hi Stephen - I know there are a few current and ex (Glasgow) Globetrotters on here - they also have a Glasgow Globetrotters page on facebook and I'm sure they'll be interested to hear more about the Salford originals...
    • I still have my original membership card from the start of 1983. Wee Joe Baz spelled Sighthill 'Sitehill ha ha.
    • Don't think was a misprint,ha,ha!!
    • Love this thread its whats been missing from this site recently. The history of all the scottish clubs should be remembered n explored more.
    • I know whatever happened to the Argyll Road Runners??? They were a good club, don't hear much of them these days,ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!
    • the argyll roadrunners

      are going stonger then ever, and attended friday street in good numbers, carried it on at james's house party on saturday night, and will continue to enjoy all the benifits our club has to offer. ps. some members could not attend and were missed and one so called member was not.
    • This so called member along with Jim brought you all together, Fitzy, I have stood by every one of you and put 110% into this, so keep the politics out of public forums, it serves no purpose, to the club, I was having a laugh with the comment, now I see I'm being put under a microscope and it's not on, It wasn't meant to be a cheeky comment, I was having a laugh. Certain factions are waiting in the wings to vote me out, get one thing straight, the club belongs to me and Jim, we own the Road Runners banner, name, lock stock and barrel, if you want to start your Mod Club do so, the shutters are down. Get on with it, by yourselves.
    • as i said bollocks
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