Every gentelman should have a selection of smart leather gloves. left to right. Roeckl Peccary gloves, brown cashmere lined. 

Thomas Riemer of Vienna, Blue/Grey Peccary unlined.

Failsworth Deerskin wool lined.Tan

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    • Nothing wrong with that logic Martin, as I own few pairs of driving gloves for exactly the same reason! ;-)

    • Lol I just love that. Pure Mod.

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      Have had these three pairs for over 10 years. I have another black pair somewhere, just need to find them... and in which handbag! ;-) I haven't worn the red ones much, but I should really! :-D

    • For sure, these ones are good enough to carry when entering a bar :-) Great! BTW: after you encouraged me, I'd ordered a pair of driving gloves from Claudio.


    • Cheers Martin!

      Just don't your missus that it had been another woman who encouraged you to do that! LOL! :-D Just make sure you upload the image on my thread, as I would love to see them!

    • Very nice. Love the purple . I think a good pair of gloves can really finish off an outfit. 


    • Since I bought a vintage 1960s, purple Mod Portmans "Miss Modern" coat a couple of years ago, it is the purple driving gloves I choose to wear with it! ;-) The one thing I love I about the coat is I can wear it as a beltless trench or a peacoat. There's a small button that is discreetly hiding under one of the lapels to make that happen!

    • That's Mod Goddess - or [the other Posh] Becs to you, SR! ;-)

    • Yes I know I was just meaning.......oh forget it

    • LOL! ;-)

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