Every gentelman should have a selection of smart leather gloves. left to right. Roeckl Peccary gloves, brown cashmere lined. 

Thomas Riemer of Vienna, Blue/Grey Peccary unlined.

Failsworth Deerskin wool lined.Tan

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  • 2008625437?profile=RESIZE_930xCognac unlined Peccary leather gloves

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  • The Failsworth ones are beautiful. The others also great.

    • Here are a couple 1438806249?profile=RESIZE_930xof mine.


    • Very nice and quite unusual is say

    • Ha! My wife asked me the same when I showed her the image. It looks very Carsten-ish and those who know me can actually recognize some similarities to myself. But, I actually used a website called 'Madmen yourself' or so and I just chose from the templates there (meaning, I look pretty average obviously).   


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    • I absolutely love driving gloves (super smart!) - unfortunately I neither own a car nor a scooter.  I might consider buying a pair just to carry it when entering a bar.


    • Nothing wrong with that logic Martin, as I own few pairs of driving gloves for exactly the same reason! ;-)

    • Lol I just love that. Pure Mod.

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