• i picked up a great a trojan comp called sounds and pressure: mod-reggae, well worth a listen


    • Yeah, downloaded that one mate! Quality!!!

  • Again, thanks!

    Mick that sounds right up my street! I am on to it now!

    • Are you not on  Vuze ? almost every Ska compilation is on there and it's free to download.

    • By the way folks The Skatalites, one of the original Ska bands are on tour soon. I'd grab ticket quick if i was you. The are playing The Liverpool o2 Academy on Monday 28th May. Tickets are £21.30

  • The people on here have already mentioned the Trojan box sets - 3 come to mind -

    Trojan Ska Box Set - The Rock Steady Box Set  - but I really like the Mod Reggae Box Set - not because of the M word but it has the wider range of songs  - some of which pre date reggae and are rooted in R and B.

  • The Liquidators - Comp CD (very dodgy cover with guns, used to be a train)


    This was my first step into 1960s Ska.  I have bought loads more on the back of this; it was a great starting point for me.

     On Amazon for £7 or second hand for less than a fiver.  I always go for second hand on Amazon and stick them straight onto the computer/ipods.  When I win the lottery I will collect the originals on vinyl!!!!!

    Be warned some of the TROJAN collections are not great points to start; if that makes sense!

  • Cheers again all! 

    From that lot, my favourite so far has been  'The Harder They Come'. soundtrack. I already knew Pressure Drop, as I am a massive Clash fan. The lyrics are good and not too many love songs. Sorry, but love songs ain't my thing, find them a bit soppy, haha! The rest I am gonna plough through over the next day or two! 

    Nice one!

  • Try Street corner, Ska classics and the original rudeboy sound, A crackin CD with real 60,s Ska!!!

    • Here's two for ya'.


      Carry, Go, Bring, Come. - Treasure Isle Mod Ska Anthems 1960 - 1966.

      Moonwalk - Treasure Isle Skinhead Reggae Anthems.

      Both are c.d.s on Sequel/Castle Music Records. You should find them on Ebay for less the £10 each.

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