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Hi all. I have picture from govan hill street - a lot of lads - sorry no alan or andy doyle or chic smith.I was sure I had a picture of chic on his red vespa, andy on the his blue mirror flake small frame vespaI'm sure it was at around 1980.

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  • Wass,the picture I think you have is of me, Bobby,Stu,you,I think Mik and Angy,I have contacted the Daily Record about a pic that was taken in Govanhill,black and white,me and Stu were approached by a reporter and photographer as we drove up Eglinton st to meet the rest of the Globetrotters at Bobs mums house,they took a cracking pic of all of us would love to see it,and so would the rest of the guys if you have it,would be good to have a look.
  • I dont know how this topic managed managed to backdate itself to July?!? Or what happened with the chat?!? But things seems to be working again - maybe it's the wee gremlins at work...
  • This is driving me mad - my pc keeps freezing, I'm off to ma bed, Goodnight
    • Me too Mik. Nitey nitey everyone.
  • cant get on chat and cant see photo
  • Angay, get oot there in the rain
    • I notice that this thread was dated July but did Wass not just add it Mik? I think the site is a bit barmy tonight. Cannae get into chat either.
  • Wass, you have loads of crackin photo's that I have been moanin at your Shug and Mik to get a hold of so we can see them on the site. Do you still have that brilliant one taken down the barras with you and wee John McQuillan ?
    • ah canny get in chat
    • Me neither
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