Basically looking for some advice on my hair. I have been living in Leeds for a good year and a half and in that time I still haven't managed to find a good hairdresser. 
I have tried things like taking pictures into the hairdressers and all the obvious things, yet they always seem to want to give me a short back and sides! I was just wondering how you lot get your hair spot on when you don't necessarily have hairdressers that know the scene. Cheers!
(ps, if anyone knows any mod hairdressers in Leeds that would be even better!

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  • I've heard lots of accounts of the first Mods wearing Italian 'bumfreezer' suits yet having 'Tony Curtis' hairstyles (the teddy boy quiff, although perhaps not with sideburns or a duck tail) from around '58-'60. Of course, when you look at the mid 60s clashes of Mods and Rockers you think of classic American style greasers with big quiffs, versus the French fluffy haired mods, but evidence seems to suggest that in the years before, the Modernists often still sported slicked hair of some kind as fashionable at this time. What are your thoughts on this?

  • You need to go and see Jay Murphy in Birstall




    He does have a facebook account under "jay murphy hairdressing too"


    Good guy, good laugh, can replicate any hair cut to a great standard and very reasonable price wise too

    • Am fortunate enough to have found one who is into music and has a brother into mod/ivy league plus also took a picture in first time. Know what you mean though - they always have an opinion on what suits your face shape and i used to get fed up with having to bang on to get them to cut it as short as i wanted. Went to one barbers that took the whole 'good laugh' thing too far with endless banter between barbers - worse than cabbies!

    • I don't know if this helps much, but they say a problem shared is a problem halved, so here goes:- I live in Indiana USA, but grew up in London in the 1960's and got my first proper Mod haircut in 1964. Of course, no-one here has the faintest idea what I am talking about when I say "College Boy" or "French Crew".....they basically only do "Military Buzz" or "Mr Rogers" kind of stuff. Here's what I did: first, I went to a womans' hairdressers who does men as well, secondly, I found a hairdresser who asked me to bring her pictures. Thirdly, I scoured the internet and magazines for pictures of guys my age-ish with "do-able" (i.e. NOT Rod Stewart or Ronny Wood) hair styles. For your interest I came up with (predictably) Paul Weller and (less so) Burt Baccarat. I had to cut the fringe a little closer myself, but it was OK for the Who concert In Louisville last weekend. And yes, it will be some time before my hairdresser really "gets it".......... but I always tip her generously for the extra effort, which was probably the key to the great haircuts Mods had in the 60's. They also had the incentive of hoards of Mods coming to them as word of mouth spread that they could do Mod hair.

  • Doh!

    I was in the market today and in need of a haircut - will check this out, thanks.

  • Try "Cord" at 16 Harper Street, near the market place.

    • Thanks for the reply, looking at the Facebook page it seems spot on. Cheers!

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