A few of the regulars on here have cool haircuts, just wondering what you fellows ask for when at the hairdressers and who uses hairdressers and who uses barbers? 

I've been using a traditional barbers recently and trying to explain to them what I want done is difficult, i think they are so used to people being not that fussy, being not that fussy does not really work being a mod, is there specific type of hair styles you guys ask for?

I'm considering bringing photos down next time to the place as my hair always ends up looking the same!

Andrew H and Marty McA's hair is something like the style that I would like, like early Paul Weller.

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  • Well, I just take in the diagram from the Barnes' book --LOL!

    In all seriousness, I prefer to keep my hair a bit longer --I've always had a rounder, fuller face, and find it more flattering than the French crops and Ivy League cuts more popular with The Scene.  That's really the trick to having "cool hair", knowing what looks best on you. 

  • I have wanted that Weller look for ages. My hair was doing my head in as i was getting more and more into the mod clothes. I looked at some of Liam Gallagher's mod styles and found a picture that was like a longer version of the early Weller cut. 

    Went out at the weekend _ Harrington, Fred Perry, jeans and winkle pickers and two people told me I looked Mod. Job done, I think!

    So, don't be scared. Just show the person cutting your hair a picture. I had so much trouble trying to explain it to the person cutting mine!

  • Spit and polish now days, not got a hair on me head, nice grey well trimed beard

  • Well at my age and with my lack of hair I no longer aspire to a hairstyle, but I do get it cut at what is probably the most expensive salon in town, Roughly speaking thinned out so it's evenly thick and about 1 inch long - short in the back and no side burns,

    When we first "created" the mod cut we asked our barbers to cut our hair like these three gents:

  • I own a barber shop in Leeds called Modern Men and my wife and I both trained as hairdressers so, we know how to structure the more challenging Mod styles. You're right though....most barbers don't have a clue about styling and the different techniques needed for a decent cut.

  • Trying to find some Mod friendly hair dressers in Manchester and whilst searching on internet I've just found this:

    Anyone know anything about this? Think, whatever it is, is in Leeds but just wondering out of interest.

    • There is a salon in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, called Mod Salon. This maybe the one, ive not been in, but it looks good from the outside. There is also a barbers called Modern Men in Middleton, Leeds. I know the owner who has a scoot and follows the scene himself so he knows what mods like!
  • So glad you bought this up Patrick, the two places i went to in the 60's are long gone and i just take a chance and go somwhere diffret each time, we have a lot of Eastern European hair dressers in London and none of 'em know what a Boston back is, i paid 30 quid last time and got nothing like i asked for, i'll continue my search...Good luck mate.

  • I'm getting married next Friday so I got used the pictures that are on this site to get exactly what I wanted. I was  very pleased with the out come  and so was wor lass. Only person that didn't like it was my mum who thought it was too long.

  • Hahaha i like the way you treat your hair dresser Andrew! XD

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