Being folically challenged brings a new problem.


What hat to keep the bald top warm and yet remain stylish?..especially for the older guys.

Trilby with a Crombie?

Flat cap?

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  • Hats are a dicey proposition, but I did just order this one.

    • Welcome back to the MG, THULL! Where have you been hiding?
    • Thanks MG! ... life, you know. Hopefully I can get more involved

    • Funny enough I nearly bought one of those in London last week; they never go out of style.

  • I think that wud be the look 4 u Trilby n crombie.

    I woz thinkin these hats used to be around.....Worn by Messrs McCartney, Weller n Craddock.

    • Got about 5 of those babies in different colours, love em.
    • Gonae gie us one of them mister?
    • Hi Mod Goddess....I suppose Lennon comes to mind 1st if ure a Beatles fan( I never have been a big fan of theirs) Reason I said McCartney woz cos I remember him n Weller on the front cover of a Pop music magazine wearing em together.....Beat Caps COME TOGETHER!!!!

    • I think you mean Lennon, not McCartney, Steve! LOL!

    • Sell them very hats in a wee shop near me. ;o)

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