have you been hurted in an accident ?

" have you been hurted in an accident ?

if so you could be entitled to compensayshun

after we take our cut of course

after all where theres blame theres a drink in it "

ive been plagued by those kind of texts just lately

day and night

so much so that ive now started to reply "f*ck off "

but without the asterix

 amazingly its done the trick

last night one of them texted back to say " how dare you ! " and that "i will be taken off their list "

well if thats all it took i would have done it f*ckin sooner !

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  • ha ha nice one just text them the same think and they text back saying your comments have been noted and we will not message u again lol i feel bad now ha ha

  • Fortunatly Hubert, i never met such people here in France, but be sure i wouldn't let them talk to me more than 30 seconds, just once would be enough. If that comes here one day, i will report my reaction as soon as possible and you may laugh...

  • I was harangued by the barstewards after a woman drove out in front of my when I was driving my scooter in September. I explained to them that I had no injuries and only had bruising, nothing much worse than when the wife beats me up ha ha. But they are a persistent bunch of rascals and it took a lot of persuation to get them to eff off. Its no wonder these claims are worse in Britain than anywhere else in Europe when you have these eejits pursuing people when all they want to do is make a fair claim, not one for non existent injuries.  

  • You walking down the road in a town or city centre and there's three of the bastards. And you carn't get past them. Because i use a walking stick they are round me like flys. "Excuse me sir...Have you had an acciden't"..."Errr no" the smart arse say's "So why have you got a walking stick"..."I use it to hit people who ask stupid question's...See ya!"


    • genius response Gordon

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