Hello All...

Im back. Ive been on the Local Mohawk and Metis reservations working with the Native American brothers and sisters. Im glad to report that a lot of the kids are turning an eye towards Mod and Skinhead lifestyles. They really loved the music I played outta my room at nite. I even organized a small dance at the social hall one nite and had a great turnout. It was a lot of fun. So I wanna send a shout out to you all. Cheers and Lotsa Beers :)

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  • Nice to see you back on board, Duane! Says me who hasn't been on here for a while also. Have a lot on my mind lately...

  • Glad to see you back MP and things going better for you
  • Glad to see you are doing well mate but can't imagine a Native American boot boy ha ha

    • Hey how are ya, Hey How are ya HOW!!! lol. yea, we do exist.

    • Good to see you back chief. I would have thought you would have been more a moccasin boy than a boot boy ha ha
    • lol. I like that one.

  • Nice to see you posting on here again, Duane! I've missed you too. Great to see that you've got some stylistic influence over your peers!

    • Thanx :)

  • Welcome back Duane, I had wondered how you were and what you had been up to.

  • Hello and welcome back!
    Sounds like you are doing a lot of good for the kids over there. ;)
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