Hello from Bristol.

Saying hi to all the people at TMG.Great to be part of your community,Short and sweet i know!This feels like home already.Chris

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    • Cheers Motown, seems like there's a good mix of folks here, young and ahem a tad older!
    • Many happy [belated] returns, Harry! I have about 14 years to catch up! ;-)

    • Thought you were 18 mo not a old man that's it not coming on here again bet the rest of you are old too. Clearly I'm the only young stylish person on here lol. Happy belated birthday. Welcome to the site Chris best old farts site on the web.
    • Thanks George, I must apologise for bumping the average age up a bit more!
    • Belated congratulations then, Motown! Oh, I wish I was 45 once more!!!

    • Well Happy Birthday to you, one thing to make you feel better, you are and always will be 3 yrs younger than me! :-(
  • Thanks gentlemen,

    Joining here has already paid off, The article on The Spitfires has notified me of a great band i'd never heard of! Now looking forward to their album in august.
    nice one MG
  • Hey Chris, welcome.

  • Welcome to MG Chris! Nice to have you here.

  • Hi and welcome on board, Chris!

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