Help for a Mini Skinhead

My little brother - aged 13 - is, it would seem, trying to find his niche. He's been looking into 60's styles, a decision influenced by me and my dad most likely, and he is paying a lot of attention to the Skinhead look. It looks like he wants to explore the style and way of life (not the over emphasised EDL, Nazi lifestyle which the media portrays, but the smarter looking suadehead/skinhead style with emphasis on equality and being generally cool and different) However, he's having difficulty finding the clothing, being aged 13 and quite small for his age, the skinhead clothes aren't exactly easy to find. If you guys know any websites, or shops in the Manchester area, which could cater for him please share. Any help would be appreciated :)

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  • First up I'd look for a second hand copy of " Spirit of 69" its the skinhead version of the book mods only a lot more informative on music and dress. Charity shops are a good place to check out, sheepskins, denim jackets, union shirts etc. There used to be a decent alternative shop near the old aflecs palace (not been around there for donkeys so may be long gone but worth a look.
  • The likes of Ben Sherman and Fred Perry sell junior/kids sizes so have a look online. Sure it'd be easy enough to find a pair of braces that'd fit him online also. As for a Harrington, maybe look at girls Harringtons as they're smaller made?

    • Cheers guys :)

    • I second that Warrior recommendation. Ben Sherman can be a bit hit and miss sometimes with patterns and cuts,  and their more expensive. Warrior do all their check shirts to the original specifications of original Ben Shermans (single back pleat, hanging loop, button down collar etc), have a ton of great patterns and they're fairly cheap at around £20.

      If you want some Sta-Prest him, try the warrior ones, as their sizes are a bit slimmer, but then go to Relco when he gets bigger.

  • Mate, I've met a few "proper" skin eads in my my time and they do look smart. You're brother could do worse than look at Warrior, they've got som xs stuff and he'd look the dogs. Good luck to him I say!
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