Help ! Grand dad collat t- shirts.

Hi !

     Just had my application to join The Mod Generation accepted and already i'd like some help from anyone who can assist. I've being desperately looking around for some grand dad collar style t-shirts with a two button fastening and short sleeves. I don't mean those that they sell in T- shop either ! Before anyone mentions the Pretty Green, range they no longer stock them as their new range are one button fastening. So if anyone could point me in the direction for what i am seeking i'd be very grateful.



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  • If you pop down to your local Debenhams I think you will get a levi one there and only £12.50 bargain .
    • Cheers Dave !!!!!
    • JD Sports have some but alase three button? £24.99
    • Thanks Dave !
    • Dave - Sorry mate you was right i was wrong. I was on about Fred Perry and you was on about Levi's. Debenhams do have Levi Henly Tops. They are all white and the short sleeve ones are £12.50. They have four buttons and a ribbed one with two buttons. They also have a long sleeved ribbed one for £18. But the only size's i saw where small and Xtra Large.
    • No Problem Gordan i got confused myself  lol
    • Is it a Fred Perry Laurel top Dave or are you on about the white with blue or green trim ones which are V-Neck not Crew Neck?

      I might be wrong but as far as i know Debenhams do not do any Laurel stuff?   

    • Your right Gordan they dont lol sorry i forgot what was asked .
  • Some striped FP henleys on eBay at moment for 40 nicker...
    • Levi do a nice one. 
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