help needed

hi my daughter is doing an article on mods in the sixties, can anyone give any help or point her in the right direction with books, films magazine articles on the history 60s mod.

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  • You've opened up a hornets nest there !!!!!! You will get lots of us old guys on here telling you different stuff and then disagreeing with each other. Could be quite funny though.

    Firstly keep her away from the film Quadrophenia, it is totally a fairy tale and the main character isn't like any real mod I've ever known.

    Books: 2 titles well known by us lot here, 'Mods' 1979 by Richard Barnes. Reprinted in 1991.

    'MOD' by Terry Rawlings, (mine says copyright 2000, don't know if that's the original date of issue)

    A couple of others: 'The Sharper Word' 1999, redone 2009, Paolo Hewitt.

    'The Soul Stylists' again Paolo Hewitt year 2000 but redone in 2008.  


    Hope that helps. my misses just called me for dinner so must go, Cheers, John

    • thanks for ur help marty and john, ill pass on the info that ll keep her out of trouble for a while.

      dont mean to start another mod bun fight john but we have nt had one on here for a day or 2 now haha.


  • Richard Barnes " Mods " would be a good starting point on 60s Mods....available from

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