Hipsters Mod Club-London is Finished!

Just lettin everyone know this club has ended due to lack of support. Shame they were showcasing new Mod bands. Was gonna go to the nxt one as The Universal were due to be there and they dont play down south much! Still catch em in Bristol=Uprising Tour.

Try and support ure local Mod Clubs or they end! Been there myself tryin to run a Do...Lack of support dissapointin on the scene! 

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  • Always the same,people try and put on a decent club,but numbers fail to show.Like i always say "use it or lose it".Shame another Mod club has bit the dust.

    • The Mod scene in London is generally pretty boring,only my opinion.

  • That's a real shame. Went a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I live in Maidstone so couldn't make the journey every month. Any idea if the promoters will look to try something else?
    • I doubt it the promoter who is a Mod and been on the scene a long time, just couldnt get enuff faces there to make it worthwhile!

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