• Simon Carter used to be a 'Mod' inspired and branded label. I think they were going for a more accessible version of Paul Smith in terms of affordability. Some of their suits a few years back were fairly close to the mark cut and style wise (not too sure about 'tonic' but I seem to recal they did a mohair blend at one point) as were their coats and shirts but it seems they're now going for a more of an easier sell with the 2 button malarky. Who knows though, they may still have a humdinger hidden away in their collection somewhere.

  • Just got A lambretta boating blazer jacket today from the house of Fazier for £60 and the Peter Werth suits are tops too

    • i ve seen a couple of simon carter suits in tkmaxx slim lapel 2 button some with ticket pocket tried a jacket on the other day and it did feel quite good, limited stock but suit would only set you back around £100.

    • Seen some of his shirts in there  Aldo they look not too bad.

    • aye theyre quite cool gary got a shirt, jumper and cardigan by simon carter from tk about £20 a piece nice to have in the wardrobe cos my missus always seems to shrink my knitwear so i dont spend too much on it.

  • Just looked on their website and nothing looks that "mod" to me. All single breasted and slim fitting (Supposedly) but all 2 button, more "mad men" inspired than mod I'd say but.....

    • Yeah i agree Mal,seen nothing online to resemble a Mod suit.

  • Dont know about the suits sid, but have just bought the missus some 60's gear from there. A bit expensive but good quality.

    Would think the mens gear would be the same mate. 

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