How do you think a parka should fit?

Just got my first one and was wondering if it is too big? 

Basically, it doesn't look anywhere near as big as Jimmy's in Quadrophenia but is bigger than I usually wear for a coat/jacket.

There is plenty of room at the sides and front and I have been told that is the way it should fit. Is that correct?

Sorry for the silly question but thought I would ask!

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  • I like Parka's long and dropping, Enough so It aint tight when Im sitting on it on me scooter. My Parka comes down to my knees, Near enough anyway And about an inch too big on the shoulder.

  • The parka was designed to wear over a suit and so it needs to be roomy. I still have mmine fro 79 and even now its HUGE!

  • I agree with what most said. A parka don't fit, i think it must be quite large. I am 38-40 chest but my m-51 is a Medium it's really huge, but that's the way i like it.

    I do like the way you have fitting smart clothes under and the contrast with the parka which is military and "too big for me".

    Anyway, it is the perfect thing to ride a scooter! Just like Jezz said Love it and treasure it!

  • My parker was far to big for me, but a tight parker was no good for scrapping in,the bigger and floppy the better, don't forget you wore suits etc underneath

  • I was informed that if ur a large go for a medium
  • Great for dog walking? Wouldn't be seen dead in one unless on a scooter
  • Hi mate,

    The sizing on Parkas is a tricky one, they always come up so much larger. A mate of mine even had his taken in around the sides which does help. There is a site called Fishtailparkas that explain why they are so big, especially if like me you are slim. Believe you me you'll come to love and treasure it, stick things on it then take them all off again, you name it. You'll never get rid of it though. Mine is an extra small and it's still huge. All the best mate.

    • I look the dog's bollox in my parka,that's good enough for me :)))

  • I have a medium m51 parka with a liner,i'm 5ft 11 and have a 38inch chest,it's a little bit to big for me but I prefer it that way.I only wear it when i'm riding my scooter,so i can wear plenty of layers and still have enough room to move...

  • Parkas don't fit!

    My daughter takes the piss out me; head to foot in slim fit and then in the winter stick a massive baggy green parka over the top!

    Seen young lads at the footy this winter in very slim fit designer parkas.

    My dad brought two original parkas back from Korea with him and gave them to two of his mates (window cleaners).  He comments that my parka is shite in comparison.  I never handled one of the true original 1951 Parkas but I will take is word on it!

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