• I am from the Grand Dominion of Upper Canada with many others on the Mod Generation

  • Yes, it seems so. But Germany is also here....

  • Dominion of Canada here..

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    • Yes i remember Fleshtones. I have one LP and (should i mention that) a live on... tape! We used to call that "speed rock"

      If my memory is good, they were on I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate) Record Label which was a good label during eighties. They hosted The Cramps,  The Buzzcocks, Oingo Bongo, Doctor and the Medics (lol),  the Go-Go's and many more 80's stuff.

      Always loved their logo:

  • Add another from the States.  My girlfriend and I hail from Atlanta, GA.  I've been spying this site for some time.  Only now have I gotten around to actually setting up a profile.

    Anyway, Atlanta has several great soul and RnB DJ's.  (Un)fortunately, the trend locally here has been more garage/ psych/ Swirlie oriented.  To each their own I suppose, however, for me I find it good in small doses.  Je prefere jazz/ soul sounds.

    It's good to finally be on here!


  • Ha! Ha! I knew you would like that one Andrew. The good news is that it's not that expensive.

    But let me guess... You already have it...

  • Thanks for the thumbs up my friend!

  • There's a record/CD store not far from where used to live in Essendon - in Melbourne - that carries a few back issues (not current) but it's great to know where I can find it!

  • Ugly Things magazine and radio show are fantastic! I bought Issue #27 because it had a story about the ill-fated Small Faces and The Who 1968 Tour of Australia and the book written about it. I haven't bought the book yet, but when I do, I post up an article and write up a little review.

  • I'm American (West Coast), but am really new to the site. Trying to find a way to keep up more on posts and new discussions.

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