• Still For Sale for Another 8Days....apparently been on a few times!

    Was goin thru some stuff in my Sounds Room yesterday, found another magazine cutting sent from me Old Mum, One of 3 Jimmy Replicas was at auction at Beaulieu, Bonhams estimate Sale Price between £10-12000. Was last year or year before, dunno if that Sold??? 

  • Never mind jimmys scooter I want to know what Bonzos looks like.
    • I think its got a mural of a doodah band inside a bog on the panels.

    • Tee hee good one
    • Cheers mate.
  • Forget your Jimmy replica... How about this idiot from New South Wales?!?!

    Note, I said "idiot" when other adjectives I would rather use, seem more appropriate...

    • MG....Just googled it into GBP £6694.72.....Not as bad as the Jimmy LI Replica!

    • I guess, but I still wouldn't pay over $12000AUD for it! Look at the handlebars and headlight... Don't even belong to a Vespa Super.

    • I wouldn't buy a Bitser Scooter at all....I guess there aren't lots of Scooters in Oz...Another Chancer Seller!

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    • When I was a kid I thought roys union jack lambretta was the most exciting thing, it's the only one thats original from the film.
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