How to tell if you're a Hipster... in 30 Steps

To all of the Mods of the Britpop Generation (1996 - 2000) and therefore, my Generation of Mod) and all of the Mods of the Current Generation (2004 -), take note of these 30 Steps on how to tell you're a Hipster, rather than a Mod.

WARNING: the content of this article will be offensive to Mods and thus, I read it very carefully just to make sure I didn't fall into any of these steps. This article is obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and therefore in the Novelty section of this Forum, rather than Style or Faces.

However, I know I:

  • have met friends at charity/thrift stores - not ALL of the time - but to buy cool clothes (Step 8)
  • do wear skinny jeans and trousers because I am skinny - but with a bubble butt as my top half doesn't match my bottom half (Step 13)
  • occasionally watch French cartoons - and movies (Step 19)
  • occasionally eat sourdough - and although I love being in the CWA and baking with them, doesn't mean I'll start my own bakery in the garage either (Step 20)
  • never take just over an hour to get ready - I plan my outfit the night before and it takes me 15 minutes to have a shower, wash and dry my hair, get dressed and put on my make up (Step 27)
  • wear glasses - because I have to wear glasses, refuse to wear contacts and I always buy the designers and styles I like from Specsavers, rather than what the optometrist suggests (male Mod styles, not female) (Step 27)
  • have to get my L's, buy more parts and such (instead of more clothes) to fix "Ronnie" the Vespa and not ever, EVER call him a "fixie" (Step 28)

That's how I know I am NOT a bloody Hipster and instead a Mod Goddess.


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  • Well, i'm vegetarian so I'd act like someone was trying to poison me if they offered me a chicken nugget anyway

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