Does any original mods remember Hush Puppies great shoes from the 60's. I had a pair they were great. can you still buy the original ones not the ones in the chain stores now, i would love a pair , also the Basket weave slip ons   thanks

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  • I had a pair in the early Eighties, I think I had seen Paul Weller sporting a pair

  • Not seen any for years sorry mate i would love a pair
  • hi peter,i'm gary.been looking all over for a pair of hush puppy shoes,i shops and online.really finding it hard to get a pair.going to a scooter rally in june and want them for then.if you have any luck,give me a shout.if i do i will let you know.cheers.

  • Peter, I've just been looking at the very same thing and to be honest the original Hush Puppie (Dessert Boots) worn in the 60's have remained unchanged. Hush Puppy still do the very same desert boot for £85 which I think is expensive, though you're clearly paying for the name. My brother is older than me and he was an original beetnik / Mod and that is all he ever wears, even today. I got my first pair back in 1979 and they are simply comfy and smart.

    • The hush puppies were also good for dancing in with a nice springy soul and were very popular 'UpWest' as well for a time . They were also unisex with girls wearing essentially the same style as we did . Usually a chocolate brown colour .
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    • DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENNED WITH THE ABOVE WHAT I MEANT WAS I was talking about the shoes not boots

    • The shoes you describe were actually quite popular during the revival too. I managed to buy a cracking pair second hand that were in mint condition. They were a dark brown and had a sort of chisel toe. As you said they actually looked pretty neat with a pair of Levis with a small turn up. I also admit that prior to being a Mod I would have classed them as old mans shoes ha ha.

    • Remember buying a second hand pair back in the summer of 81. 

      Cant recall the price but would have thought £2-3.00 no more.

  • Are these what people are looking for?


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