• I was in Hyde park for that weekend what a night of Weller then the Who still get goose bumps watching the Who they are Brilliant .... the beer was cheaper than i had expected too at £5 a pint better than when i was at Bar italis earlier paying £5 for a bottle of peroni !!!

    P.S i forgot Johnny Marr sorry mate 

  • It was outstanding. I'm still suffering from the post gig hangover. Great weekend.
    • We had a great time too Jim. Not bad for 70 and 71. Zak Starky not bed either !!!! Lots of cool people having fun in the sunshine. Some wonderful clothes on show too. England at its best
    • I know it may seem like it but Jim and his mate are not quite 70 and 71 yet although he may act like it once he has downed a few bevvies ha ha

    • You're no wrong there Chris. I trust you had a rather enjoyable weekend at the glasgow do? I was all set for making an appearance on sat night but I found myself in ma kip for 9 bells.!!! Must have been the jet lag.
    • Is jetlag new type of drink they are selling in Londons fair city James
    • Its the first time I have heard it called that Jimbo ha ha. But yes, it was yet another cracker of a weekender.

    • Looking forward to taking part in that Weekend do next year. Chris!

    • I am sure you would be in your element Kai, and for some weird reason the weather often behaves itself, which is unusual for Glasgow.
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