If you could let me know if you will be attending the Saturday night event it would help me a lot. It would also be great if you could tell me how many people will be coming with you. I'm looking into getting a bigger venue but I'd need an idea of numbers.Please don't post on this thread unless you will be attending, keep to the purpose of the thread too, don't use this thread to chat to each other as it will be harder for me to work out what's going on if the tread goes astray.Just say if you will be attending and how many will be coming with you. I might have to do a guest list if I can't get a bigger place.I'm now trying the larger clubs in town but can't promise anything as they have their own nights on too. I was thinking about 100 but Stephen is now worried we won't fit everyone in.

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  • I think there will be about a dozen or so of us April,will let you know of any change ,cheers.
  • hi there myself , gerry ross and another two for the do cheers
  • april,me and andrea shall be attending this as it sounds good,i'll tell jim and the lads to get down as well
  • So that will be eight of us altogether counting me and Angie then
  • hi april....me n campbell
    • Wot no Kyle? He can certainly come along to Balloch - maybe we can sneak him in the club too...

      How was London?
  • You guys, stop chatting on this post or I'll delete your butts. I don't want to read through 10 pages to find numbers. Only use this for confirming attendance. Don't make me get all admin like on you hahaha
  • I have heard Norrie' tales of drinking Algie, so there is no way I will be trying to keep pace with him.
    • Chris and Algie. I may not drink during the day. Keep all my energy for nightime. lol
    • Seriously though,its looking like an excellent weekend in Sep,and the fact that it is a one off makes it even better .I think that we should all make a big effort to make sure its a success and really get into the weekend.
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