I have always taken obscure photographs early from a young age and have stumbled on this corker from approx 1984 showing posters on my old bedroom wall - looks like I was a bit of Wellerist back then! (never realised I was that bad ha ha) but it really just shows that era when Weller was in the thick of publications like NME and Smash Hits (particularly with The Style Council around) for me to plaster on my wall. No wonder my mum never liked coming into my room......

What posters of bands, singers, icons did you have on your walls (when starting out on the scene or for those new hipsters starting out now) and do you still have them saved away (I do) or still on the wall!

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  • That is very upsetting - Small Faces starring in the Reanimator ;'( ha ha. horrific indeed.

    I had a great picture of Reggie King on my wall and when my boyfriend (who was a big Action fan) dumped me for the 13th time - I went to town on poor Reg - ripped the poor sod up!  My mum always complained about my room being horrific because of the Paul Weller pics and ah-hem (humble clear of the throat) a Morrissey poster ha ha! I did have a pic of Sandie Shaw to soften things tho'. Like Charles, I too used to 'obtain' books from the local library and school library and cut out pics/photo's, etc...bedrooms were huge wonderful walk-in scrapbooks!

  • in 79 when I was a mere pup, my Ma and Da were painting the house and let all us young one's pick our

    own colour for our rooms. I wanted black and white check which got knocked back right away. and to add insult they picked the colour. so when they were done I stayed up all night covering every bit of wall/ door and ceiling in my room in pics from the nme/melody maker/sounds etc.....

    A young soul rebel even then, till my Da seen what I'd done.........the rest I blanked out

    • My original ''Quadrophenia'' poster got nicked from my wall at one of my many parties, worth a lot  of money these days, my wall was plastered with headlines about us, sadly all those cuttings are long, long gone but thanks to the internet plus the scanning, lots of Mods out there  can upload theirs and for us who were there can look back and smile!!!!!!!!!! Had loads and loads of Mod photos, books stole out of libraries best bits cut out, the rest binned and stuck on the wall, anything 60's Mods, had a cracking Jim Morrison poster on the full length of my bedroom door, picked it up for one pound 75 pence in the Briggait, an original 60's one at that, that went for a ''walk'' Shows you how drunk I was then, didn't notice for 6 days it had gone!!! Lol!!! All part of a day in the life of a Mod!!!!

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