I want, I want, I want it...

Ladies and Gentlemods,


At the request of Messrs Charlton, Gardner and Dawkins, I have been asked to start this discussion to help those of our Mod brothers and sisters that are on the hunt for that elusive something - item of clothing, record, piece of furniture, scooter, artwork, etc. that other Mods may not want or wish to buy. In doing this, it is with the intention of helping new generations into our Way of Life by providing and sharing links to websites, shops, coupons etc. This is not to be confused with the already established Bargains Thread on this forum. I know Mods don't like to follow rules, but with this kind of thread, there are some simple rules so that we can ALL benefit from this, no matter where we live


  1. When you are on eBay or any other auction-related sites, please try to avoid stepping on other people's toes if they are intend on bidding on such items before you
  2. Don't put up auctions with other bids on them or auctions that you have bid on so that you then create a "rivalry" between other members. Mod is a very competitive subculture as it is, we don't need or want any more bitchiness
  3. Don't put up your own auctions. What you may have originally paid for in the store one day, may not be the same price another person is prepared to/wants to pay for
  4. Please feel free to provide links to other providers of lesser-known clothing, record, scooter dealers etc. that are not known to other Mods. These stores would benefit from our money also, not just our usual, beloved, run-of-the-mill stores. For example, Sourpuss Clothing in the USA do sell Fred Perrys and by the look of the site, it is not really a place you would consider buying them from but, they still sell them nonetheless.... Yes, I have bought from there!
  5. Don't give people vouchers, coupons or codes they cannot use if they only have one day to use them or are country-specific. For example, it would be pretty redundant if I put up a code for an Aussie clothing site/store that only sells/ships within Australia


Happy shopping! ;-)

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