• Er..  I had said, when I posted the photo, that I wasn't sure who was in it.  I said this cos I was hoping for some dialogue to hopefully identify the people in the photo, even if that has to start with a definitive "No" to my guess that it might've included Brian Jones.

    I don't see the cause for shouting.

    • Nice one Ruadhan.

    • I think I have solved it Ruadhan. The guy in the Teddy Boy jacket is Michael Crawford and the guy to his right is the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine.

    • Chris - Ha Ha LOL.

    • Cheers Gordon. You know me always trying to be helpful.

  • G.S - What?...But the lad said he wasn't sure?

    So what's your problem? What are you on about?

    Any one else know what NS S**** is?.....No nor do i.  

  • Your getting all hot and Bovered....GS.....:-)

  • 3297797773?profile=RESIZE_320x320Here, we see a young Marc Bolan.

    It was one of these pre-Rex photos that first really inspired my tastes for all things Mod, consciously, anyway (I've sort of always been partial to bold geometric op-art, Art Deco and such influenced architecture, and not to mention cool British R&B).

    3297792809?profile=RESIZE_320x320This is one of those photos that has been on my computer for ages, and in all honesty, I'm not sure who's in it.  Marianne Faithful and Brian Jones?

    I go back to this one (and a few others) a lot, when some-one over IM wants me to describe the Mod look for them.

    3297791499?profile=RESIZE_480x4803297793763?profile=RESIZE_320x3203297799384?profile=originalAlright, I think that's enough for now.

    • The photo' after Mark Bolan is not Brian Jones.

    • Like I said, I really don't know. I just figured a guess might be worth it. 

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