I know i havent been on in a wee while.....getting the scoot all geared up for the weekender...and in doing so...the thought came through my head......where are all the younger cats when we go for a ride out???  Whenever we organise a run...it is always the usual suspects....."more power to us guys...and gal....(lainy)" is the young  kyle "spider" maclachlan the only young mod with a scoot???? surely not!!! or am i wrong?? It would be good to see a mix of ages out on the runs....what do the young mods think of scoots? do you have them? if so ...where are they?? why dont you join us out on the streets?? ......Soooo many questions...and no answers...HELP!!!!!!


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  • Another thing I hardly see is the younger Mod girls with scooters either, COME ON THE LASSIES!! Join the fun, we need help across the road in our autumn years, ho,ho!!
    • hey am i invisible!!!!!
    • Who said that? I'm hearing voices!!!
    • not meny girls in glasgow got scoots,and even less are mods.
    • and even less than that are young haha
    • well i did,nt want to be the one to say.lol
    • Ah think girls like Laing are the exception rather than the rule, not many mod girls I've known have had scoots,dousnt appeal to some I reckon and for others, again I think money would be a factor.
    • im no lassie nor am i young but ive been theatening to buy a scooter for years. ive never even riden 1, whats a decent scoot for a newbie and much dosh will it set me back.
  • I've got a scooter do i count as a young mod lol
  • Plain and simple mate,money.
    Being a mod aint cheap and most of the young division spend their money on other stuff before thinkin of a scoot,tis the mod way is not?
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