• Merry Christmas and happy new year to you Gary and to all on the Mod Generation :-)

    My new year's resolution is to contribute more to this wonderful website as it's full of great and groovy people!

  • Merry Christmas Gary and indeed every member of MG hope you all have a good one
  • Merry Christmas Gary and all you Mods out there. Nat King Cole was a great jazz pianist and Mel Torme a great jazz singer. Either one singning The Christmas Song does it for me when I've over indulged.

    Most of all Merry Christmas to the kids, nothing comes close to memories of Christmas with your kids when they were still kids.

    • Talking about classic Nat King Cole tracks. (the chestnuts roasting on an open fire one) i was in the lovely town of York a couple of weeks ago and whilst looking around the Christmas market had a lovely mulled wine with brandy. Like a scene from a Dickens novel there was a guy selling roasted chestnuts so I thought I should try them as they always looked amazing. Sadly they were amazingly honking and I had to run to the nearest bin to spit them out, so that was one classic Christmas image spoiled.
  • Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year. If anyone is coming up to Scotland just beware about the new limits for driving. Its roughly half of what it is south of the border so many people are being caught out the morning after having a few drinks. Not sure if it applies to driving scooters ha ha
  • "Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr" for all Mod Brothers and-sisters around the world!

    • That might cause trouble in the peaceful home, Alan, hahaha!

    • Cause trouble with me to trying to take my woman away at this time of the year shame on you Alan. oh wait just remembered she's not mine either need to give up those bloody drugs
    • Vielen Dank, Frames (which means "Rahmen" in german...:-))

  • Michael and I just wanted to wish all of you and your families all the very best for Chrimbo 2014 and a Fantastic New Year! We have enjoyed - even if I am the Mod and Michael's the scooterist (not Scooter Boy) in this relationship - reading all of the posts throughout the year.

    On a personal [Mod] note from me though, hope Santa brings you all that you want - music, clothes, books, tickets to Brighton Mod Weekender 2015 etc. etc. and look forward to sharing our many more purchases throughout the coming year! ;-)

    Love in Mod,

    Bec (and Michael)


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