I recently had this shirt made for me by itailor an on line tailor in Hong Kong. Cost me £40 including postage, no import tax as the shop sent it as being under £17.99. The buttons are plastic that is my only gripe but with my favourite shirts from Paul Smith being £125 and over maybe I shouldn't complain. Made a few photos to share.

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  • Here it finally is; my first itailor shirt! I got that feeling a few more are going to follow!

    • Looks pretty cool Kai. I will be ordering one from them at some point this weekend so its always good to see positive feedback.

      • Yes Chris it´s absolutely perfect. Will have another one soon myself, or maybe have a Jacket made!? Comes at 99€!

        • Here´s my new self designed button down monster, complete with corny initials!

          I love it!

          • That's nice Kai. I've never used itailor, I'm a bit spoiled as my tailor makes shirts. I really like the contrast white stitching. Will they make the cuffs deeper if you request it or are you given a set menu sort of thing to choose from?

            • That´s right, you choose from a given set, there´s nine different cuffs to choose from. I´ve got quite a few possibillities to have my shirts made downtown, but who can beat a price of 40€!?;-)

  • has anyone checked out they do custom shirts similar to itailor but have some different materials, not to mention the custom polo shirts they do however I dont know what the quality is like and they are more expensive. not that price matters when it comes to style. 

    • I have a couple of shirts from tailorstore and they are good quality. I think the reason they are slightly more expensive is that distribution is from Sweden rather than direct from China. The only grumble I would have is, they refuse to add rear collar button and locker loop. Not a problem for dress shirts but I like them on casual shirts.
  • I think this month, i will order a shirt there and will let you know my opinion.

    Simon? Did you know i was about to design and make french shirts and when i saw you topic and read it, i put away my professional project? lol.

    How do you want to launch a new brand with such prices?...

    • That would be blinding we could do our own range of Mod shirts, I like a nice French cuff as I love cuff links, think of of the combinations that could be but together. Better go speak to the bank manager buy some cloth and learn how to use a sewing machine...

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