It's not getting passed us that easy

I saw in a thread that Chris cameron slipped in that he passed his scooter test (CBT?). Anyway, I'm not letting him away with it that easily.Chris congratulations on passing that test, I know how hard it must be for the old guys hahaha.Well done mate and can't wait to see your scooter, jist canny sit on it or I walk like a cowboy fur a week, lmao

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  • Cheers Stevie. I have to admit to a mixture of joy and relief, but doing it on the automatic scoot made all the difference.
    • well done chris , hope u r ok mate will catch up with you soon , going to get a helmet for ma heid pick up scooter at weekend cheers john
    • Cheers John R. I must have somehow missed your post the other day there. It will be good to see your new scooter. I thought at first that it was the one you are sitting on in the photo, but Gerry told me that it was just one you hijacked for a wee snap.
  • well done chris.
  • I have to agree with Alex and Andy on this one. There are certain standards expected for people who want to ride cool Vespa's or Lambretta's. I know that does not really apply to scooterboys (men) but that is a discussion for another time. I am also a bit unsure about your unsound memory Mr Dollar; I will have to give you a Vespa CBT to see if you still remember where everything is. I would not want you kicking lumps out of my floorboards looking for some motorbike type gears. As April said, how is a human being meant to operate such nonsense anyway!

    And Algie, I will take special care to look out for you. That way I can drive up to the back of yours and Margarets car and annoy you with my wee duck horn.
  • Alex, you got me there!! I have no culture what so ever, Culture ill tell you this boy...opps thats the Rab C thread?
  • Im all mod on the inside!!
    • YOU are right big chap, ONCE A MOD ALWAYS A MOD !!!!!!

      BUT alex is correct too !
      Get on your mod gear if you want a shot on THE VESPA, it is only right you look your best on Chrissies pride and joy
    • Unfortunately, in Mod culture - it's the outside the counts... ha ha
  • Well done Chris (it took you long enough, you old git!!), I would like a wee shot when I come up for the September weekend?
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