• had a pair of flat fronted narrow fit stone chinos cut down/taken up ?? at just below the knee, worn with a vintage style fred Perry and slip on;s like theses, they are cool for the Sunday at the beer garden..and no one bats an eye when ya leave on a ya scooter, just make sure you wear the vintage

    (without turn ups)

    gotta maintain ya

  • OKay, I am with Kai, we need a way out....sorry ;-) In Berlin I saw at the weekeend a lot of men in bermudas / shorts and a lot of scary legs - scary because ragle-taggled and the germany men like to wear shorts, sandals and sock and (of course colours that don't consort with each other) that they lift up as possible. I know why I need glasses.....

  • Looking mod on holiday in a place where the sun actually comes out every now and then is a bloody hard thing to acheive,in fact our style just doesnt allow a big hat,some big shades and a false moustache and head for the beach with the family! If anyone approaches you from over here when your over there,just talk in a foreign language and keep moving!! Or stay in bed all day and stick your suits and shit on at night when its just about bearable!! Mods in the sun?  I dont think so....:-)

    • "Mods in the sun? I don't think so..."

      LOL JP! You always make me laugh! As I have the winter blues happening down here in Oz at the moment, I can still be a "Mod in the sun" most days in the year, especially with four seasons in one day and you never know what to wear! ;-) Then again, if you were referring to the mono-seasonal weather patterns of the UK, then I guess you are bang on with your comment.

      I guess that us of the female MOD persuasion (not that awful term Modette, mind!) can get away with wearing our dresses and skirts (preferably with sheer stockings on) and sensible shoes in the summertime. I don't even get hot wearing them when it's 35C!

    • and I remember going to a New Year's Eve party (temperature below zero!) wearing a light cotton blazer over a nylon short, light cotton slacks and rhinocerous (anyone else remmeber rhino hide?) shoes- it was a bit nippy going home

  • JB loving that Louisiana look!

  • Reading this lot, I realise I am slacking - recently bought some Timberland shorts and the quality is total cac!!  They look like you are a trapper in a forest.  Flat front and pressed is the way to go......


    On the shirt front things are better - I prefer the short squared off at the bottom type which you can wear if

    the weather is hot outisde your jeans. Having said that most people I see wear shirts out do so to hide their belly though, which would be exposed in all its round glory

  • Agree with JB once again.

    I'm now 64 so not so mod any more - probably. But one point of order - I only ever wore suits for work! Any other time casual was king!

  • Speaking as another old codger JB's right.

    But firstly since it never gets hot (over 35 degrees celsius) in England one can hardly use the hest as an excuse and I doubt the awful looking shorts most people wear would be any cooler than my light cotton chinos. IMO (and that's law) shorts are never ok in town - at a seaside town and daywear only - never after nightfall. Socks with shorts are never ok, nor should one ever be seen in sandles - and socks with sandles almost brings me to tears of both laughter and pain.

    Shirts are always worn tucked in and buttened up to the last button - short sleeves ar a real nono - long sleeves should be turned up with two turns; no more no less.

    Oh and on the beach it's Speedos - not imitation surf shorts or what have you!


    Having said all that "mod" if it's anything is about style and some people can wear anything and get away with it.


    I also roll my umbrella tghtly!

  • I agree when you say "part mod, part very individual, part rebel, part nut case, and it's great fun !!!" because I like being like that too! ;-)

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