John Smedley factory shop. Derbyshire.

Thinking of driving up there bout 150 miles run. Just wondering if any of you have done so. If so how'd you get on ? Is it worth it ? Or is it hit n miss regarding the stock you can purchase ? Any days you think it not a good idea to shop there ? Also do the sizes come up small. Really would appreciate any help/advice on this please. Thanks !!

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  • I find the factory shop to be a bit hit and miss to be honest. Same with the Smedley sizing! Generally the sea-island cotton "Leander" & Merino "Dorset" long-sleeved polo shirts which are the classic 3 button "Mod" style tops are generous to say the least. I'd suggest you size down, but there are other styles that are a much slimmer cut. Trying things on is the only way really.

    You can get some real bargains in the factory shop 1/2 price in some cases and there are plenty of "seconds" at cheaper prices. You can't really tell the difference in a lot of cases, it's just that Smedley Quality Control is so high.

    For the real bargains, you need to wait for the 3 day factory sales that happen twice a year. The last one I went to, they were selling 3 brand new pieces for £66 and the seconds were about £15 a throw! You'll know when you've missed one because ebay is suddenly flooded with John Smedley!!


    • Thank you both for your advice it was much appreciated.
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